Online Q-Methodology Studies & Analysis

  • End to end tools to fully manage q-methodology studies
  • Simple interfaces for participants to perform q-sorts
  • Easily structure your q-sort distribution any way you want
  • Participant code generator to automatically invite participants via email, with reminders
  • Real-time analysis of data with fully configurable factor rotations and reporting
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Create and manage Q-Methodology studies in minutes with our comprehensive suite of tools that allow your participants to easily perform q-sort studies in any browser. Analyze your data instantly using our built in analysis tools, or export raw study data in industry standard formats like PQMethod for external analysis.

Q-Methodology Software Features

Below are some of the features that will allow you to easily create and manage your q-methodology studies.

Easy Q-Sort Interface

Participants in your q-methodology studies intuitively drag and drop cards within the distribution structure that you defined when you created the study.  Participants grab statement cards from the piles that they pre-sorted, and place them anywhere within the distribution.  Statements are visible within the distribution, so participants can adjust their q-sort as they wish.

Fast Study Creation

Creating an online q-methodology study with intuitive q-sorting can be accomplished in minutes with our easy to use software.  You can create as many studies as you want.  You can schedule studies to open and close on specific dates and times, as well as maintaining complete control over the content of things like consent statements and the messages that participants see before and after they take the study.

Study Dashboard

Each q-methodology study that you create has its own dashboard that allows you to view real-time analytics of your study.  Interactive charts show you how many participants have taken the study, keeping you up to date on study progress.  In addition, the dashboard provides pathways to fully manage all aspects of the study, including managing study statements, participation codes, q-sort structure and more.

Participation Codes

Managing participants for your q-methodology based studies is simple!  You can quickly generate any number of random participation codes that you need by simply specifying how many codes you want the system to generate.  Alternatively, you can import a list of pre-made participation codes if you need to correlate it to an existing list.  In addition, for each study, you have complete control over whether you want to send participants automated emails to invite them to your study as well as complete control over what invitation and reminder emails say!

Simple Statement Management

Adding your statements to a q-methodology study is a very simple workflow.  You can easily add your statements in bulk by simply copy and pasting all your statements.  Alternatively, you can add statements one at a time, or edit existing statements that you previously added in.  You can change the ordering of statements by simply moving them around on the screen, giving you complete control over your statement order.  You can also configure your q-sort structure easily with an intuitive, visual preview interface that makes setting up your q-sort structure fast and easy.

Analyzing Results

When it comes time to analyze your q-methodology study data, we provide built-in real-time analysis reports of your data through nine analysis reports.  Reports can be easily configured to the number of factors you wish to consider in the reports, the rotation type as well as other settings.  Reports instantly update as you change your configurations!  If you prefer to analyze your data externally, you can easily export your raw q-sort data.  For your convenience we give you a ZIP file that contains the raw q-sort data, a PQMethod formatted text report, as well as raw PQMethod formatted files.

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