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Set up and deploy your Q study on the web in minutes. Multiple participants can simultaneously complete your Q-sort tasks from different locations. Get real-time results and robust reports for in-depth analysis.

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Add your stimulus set and build your Q-Method study structure quickly and easily. Your Q-set can be made up of statements or images.

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Collect Q-sorts easily

100% web-based, with a clean and intuitive interface, Q Method Software is easy for you to set up and a breeze for your participants to use!

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Real-Time Correlation and Factor Analysis

Choose the analysis parameters you want. Get nine analysis reports that update in real time as each Q sort is submitted. Or, export the raw data for analysis in external applications, such as PQMethod.

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Custom Messages for Participants

Create invitation emails and reminders to participants. With a single click from the invitation email, they can access your Q-Method study with their unique participation code and complete the sorting tasks. You can also compose on-screen instructions and debriefing messages.

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Simple Study Management

Know at a glance how many participants have completed your Q-Method study. You can also edit the study’s properties, add or remove participants, manage participation codes, and moreā€”all on one, comprehensive Study Dashboard.

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