An Easy-to-Use Tool to Create & Conduct Your Q Methodology Research Online

Set up and deploy your Q study on the web in minutes. Multiple participants can simultaneously complete your Q-sort tasks from different locations. Get real-time results and robust reports for in-depth analysis.

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Build your Q study, collect q-sorts, and analyze study data, all in one place.

Web-Based Q Method Studies

Q Method Software is 100% web-based, meaning that neither you or your participants have to download anything to use the platform.

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Guided Data Analysis

Choose the data analysis parameters you need to get the most reliable and defendable results. Q Method Software can generate infinite analysis reports for you to analyze, interpret, and draw insights from.

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Simple Study Management

Know at a glance how many participants have completed your Q-Method study. You can also edit the study’s properties, add or remove participants, manage participation codes, and more—all on one, comprehensive Study Dashboard.

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Import Study Data

Cross-validate your findings by importing your study data.

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Automatic Emails

Create automatic, custom invitation emails and reminder emails to participants.

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Export Study Data

Analyze data in external software packages for cross-validation.

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Designed with Participants in Mind

Participants can complete their Q-sorts on any internet browser and computer operating system. They only need a computer, laptop, or Chromebook with an internet connection. There’s nothing for them to download or install. All they have to do is click on the link in the invitation email, and they’ll be taken to your Q Methodology study on the web.

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