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Choose the data analysis parameters you need to get the most reliable and defendable results. Q Method Software can generate nine reports for you to analyze, interpret, and draw insights from.

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Configurable report settings

Specify the number of factors you want to extract. Choose from either orthogonal (Varimax or Quartimax) or oblique (Promax, Oblimin, or Cluster) rotation methods. Select one of three correlation methods (Pearson, Kendall, or Spearman). Feel free to change your settings anytime — reports update instantly whenever you change the analysis settings and as each new Q Sort is submitted.

Draw insights from nine different reports

As soon as you receive two or more Q-sorts, you can generate any of the following reports:

1. Rank Statement Totals

2. Normalized Scores for Factors

3. Descending Array of Differences for Factors

4. Statement Factor Scores

5. Factor Characteristics

6. Standard Error of Differences

7. Correlation Between Factor Z-Scores

8. Distinguishing Statements

9. Consensus Statements

Analyze data in external software packages

Export your raw data in CSV format with one click, so you can process your results in another application like PQMethod. You get a zip file of the raw Q-sort data, including a PQMethod-formatted text report. To run your data on PQMethod without manually encoding them, simply upload the files into PQMethod.

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