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5. Add participants and assign their unique participation codes.

And then check your Study Dashboard to see when results come in.

Pre-set when your study opens and closes

Select a time frame for participants to complete your study by selecting a starting date/time and end date/time. Your study remains active within these dates and will automatically close after the end date.

Deploy unlimited studies

You can create an unlimited number of studies, with any number of participants eligible to complete your Q Method studies.

Guide respondents even though you’re not there

Prepare and deliver custom emails, stimuli, and on-screen messages to guide your participants. You have the freedom to collect data without being present with your participants as they complete your sorting tasks.

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NEW! Image-based Q-sets

Have your participants sort images instead of plain text. Simply upload your image files into Q Method Software. Completing the sorting tasks remains drag-and-drop easy for your participants.

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